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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  January 20, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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tonight. he arrived on an american hospital ship with injuries. he older brother survived the quake. he hasn't heard from his parents. tonight, that boy being cared for by american doctors. but what happens when he leaves that ship? where we he go? this is one story and one child. for us, he represents thousands. that's it for now. "larry king live" starts right now. >> larry: tonight, a 5.9 after shock rattles haiti but it didn't stop a miracle. a 5-year-old boy pulled alive from the house that collapsed on top of him eight days ago. his mother is killed, his father is missing and he survives. we have the latest. and democrats are stunned, left scrambling on health care after an upset republican winning ted
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kennedy cease seat. what's the message from massachusetts? is the president listening? next on "larry king live." >> larry: good evening. we begin first with john king, the anchor of cnn's "state of the yinon" back in new york after his night last night in boston. listening to scott brown today, he sounded, john, much more like an independent than a republican. >> he hopes to keep that it way, larry. here is a guy that campaigned on the team of being the 41st vote in washington. he know he needs to keep support on the independent voters, the very same vote that's gave barack obama hayes large margin 14 months ago and gave scott brown the improbable victory last night. he opposes the president's
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health care plan as it stands. he knows she from an independent minded state. and he can't be a senator from south carolina. south carolina republicans are different than massachusetts republicans. it will be fascinating to watch his first trip to d.c. tomorrow. >> larry: the president said he doesn't want anything concrete to happen until he is seated. was the brown camp surprised at that? >> they think the president is correctly reading the results. part of what independent voters are saying, remember, for all he said on the economy and health care and iraq and afghanistan, president obama, his promise was i'm going to make washington get alone. we are going to be grown-ups and talk to each other and get things done. voters don't like party politics. it's just the democrats on health care. just the obama and pelosi and rooid working on things. the calculation the president
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has made f he try to do anything that voters view as partisan shenanigans right now, we will be punished for it. >> larry: john do the democrating court out fighting or disspirited in. >> they are disspirited now. people don't like big gomplt, the big banks. peoples a don't like the political parties. more and more are leaving the democratic party and the republican party to by come independent. in virginia, new jersey, and massachusetts this year, they have gone for republicans in a big way. it was in 2008 in november they went for democrats in a big way. they look in new hampshire, and governor races in colorado, states with independent voters will make the difference. and on this morning after this big election, now the evening after the election in massachusetts, they have very
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nervous. and many democrats are saying, we have so scale back, move to the center, don't govern and she we have willing to have a kfrgts. >> larry: john king remining us that the only thing certain is uncertainty. let's to port-au-prince. anderson cooper. the latest is what i'm told is an incredible survival story. what is this store are? >> yeah, larry a 5-year-old boy found alive today. his name is manly. he is was brought in by his ankle. his uncle was digging through the rubble of the home looking for the parents. and heard him say, i'm here, i'm here. and with five friends and a pick ax, dug into the hole and found
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him. this according to the uncle. brought him to the hospital. he was covered in dust, totally disoriented. he looked on the brink of death. rushed him into a room where a doctor and a nurse started tending to him. got iv fluids into him, and checked him for broken bones. he was severely dehydrated. if you pinked his skin, it stays in that pinched position. he was severely dehydrated. as the fluid started purchasing through his vaeins, you could se he would cross his legs. he also had an alcohol-y smell emanating from him.
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and that is from people people who don't have food or water and the body is starting to consume itself andive gives that smell. >> larry: wow. got to believe in miracling. all right, sir a strong after shock earlier today. really strong. where were you when the happened? >> actually i had just gotten up from my bed. it happened. the building we were in started to shake. someone in the complex a reporter from portugal jumped out a window, got so panicked. the park behind me, people started screaming. hundreds of people sleeping in the park, and a lot of the people all over port-au-prince sleeping in parks. and running away from a building they may have been near. i stayed in my room. the ceiling didn't fall on me, i went back to bed. at general hospital, they had to evacuate the hospital.
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be by the time i had gotten there the courtyard was filled with patients. post operative patients, waiting for surgery. it was a scene of chaos. they were sitting under the sun. they said this after shock set them back a day or two days in terms of the organization. they had to spend all day dealing with the patients outside in the sun. >> larry: anderson cooper, who keeps on keeping on. we will check was tomorrow. thanks, anderson. anderson cooper in port-au-prince. usher's going to be here tomorrow night. she helping raise money in haiti with young people around the world. and more politics next.
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by the way a prom pram note. some of you expected to see the interview with brittany murphy's husband and mother. we will let you know when it's reschedule. we will go back to haiti in a minute. first, david gergen, in no new orleans, martially matlin, our republican strategy gist. and in new york, donna brazil. and?
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new york, john avalon. gang, president obama was asked about the election last night. and here's what he said to abc's george stephanopoulos. >> the same thing that swept scott brown has swept me into office. people are aungry and frustrated. >> what is the strategy on health care going forward? a lot of people talked about the house passing the senate bill. >> here is one thing i know. i want to make sure it's off the table. the senate shouldn't try to jam anything through another scott brown is seated. the people of massachusetts spoke. he's got to be a part of that process. i would advise we try to move quickly to coalesce around the elements of the package that people agree on. >> larry: david gergen? >> it's hard to go from that 5-year-old child in haiti back to politics.
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but i think the interpretation placed on it by a number of people is right. that president obama was signaling that he is prepared to accept a scaled-down package on health care reform. he may try to get something through. but let's make sure we have at least insurance reform. and something for cost containment and something for small business. that, frankly, was a retreat from the dream of democrats for 70 years for achieving unver sal access. what we are hearing and seeing is the failing of that dream once again. >> larry: if true, donna brazile, do you agree what that? >> absolutely. we lost one vote and it was a very important vote. but the democrat does not lose their core values of trying to get the economy to work for all americans. and trying to bring asht health insurance reform that will help
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americans lower their premiums and of course give small businesses an opportunity to cover their employees. so i think the president is absolutely right. get two bills into one package that can be put together quickly for the budget office to score and take that to the american people and hopefully mr. brown will be on board to help pass real health care reform. >> larry: mary matlin, john mccain called it a national victory. do you agree? >> well, it was national on the heels of or on top of the republicans for new jersey, a true blue state and new jersey a new blue state. yeah, it was a national company. and health care, there are a number of other issues that could be called conservative that scott brown ran unabashedly
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on. cutting taxes, the war on terror. but david gergen is exactly right. this is a big walk back. and people came to appreciate it and they don't want the baby thrown out with the bath water. >> larry: what wr are you? >> that's behind you? >> i am standing in front of and trying not to listen to -- though he has been spectacular. rollan is entertaining a crowd here. he is better than us right now. >> larry: he is fighting you. let's go to new york. john avalon. that wasn't the lunatic fringe yesterday, was it? >> no, it wasn't. larry, i am an immediate, 44% of voters born after 1977 are independents. what is happening is a
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consistent message. democrats need to understand they are overspending. and what's happened with unified control of government, the base of approach seems to come outs of nancy pelosi's congress alienated them big time. and they are in denial what this is about as well. you don't hear it a lot but scott brown is a pro-choice republican. and fiscal conserve tifr, and liberal libertarian. that is where the message is it. got to get the message in washington. the rare of play to the place to the base plx is over.
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>> larry: we're back. is john avalon right? >> john avalon has emerged as one of the leading voices of his generation. i respect that. but i do disagree about his analysis of scott brown. he was embraced on the conservatives. he did say she was for row v. wade. he's very much against gay marriage and against other things. he was a right to life candidate in this election. he was always against deficit spending. he was against the health care bill. but to go back to the question you put to mary matlin, scott brown took off in december, and in large part when he began campaigning, he nationalized the race. and when he did that, along with
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his populism and authenticity, he reminds me of sarah palin in some ways. he is real and for the people. that combination of nationalizing the race and the personality really drove this and brought him a victory against a, as we know, not a very good candidate. >> larry: donna, speaking today, he mentioned, scott brown mentioned, how bipartisan he was in the massachusetts ledge slay chur. do you think he will be that way in the sna? >> i hope so. he ran a grassroot campaign. and i spent time on the telephone urging people to got to the polls. and he touched people. went where they lived and played and prayed. it was a traditional old-style
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democratic campaign. and now that he is coming to washington, d.c., i hope he is not the person who will veto health care reform, job creation, nornlg, climate change. we need to find republicans that are tlog work with the president to find common sense solutions in. that is what the american people want. ultimately that is the verdict of the 2008 election and this special election in massachusetts. nay want both parties to work together. >> here's the thing, larry. and donna, i think the republican senate is mainly this. barack obama and his team seemed to gotten their cart caught in a ditch and it's up to them to get it out. they may help here in afghanistan but i don't think mump early. and we are a long way away from that. >> larry: mary do you think the republicans can get a little too
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cocky over this? because it appear no, sir party is popular? >> no, no. this is -- no there is no chest beating. few watched what senator-elect brown said, the democrats are going to mid read again as they misread the man date and misread the response by thinks that the republicans are obstructing on bus they don want to play will with democrats. they object -- they object to this agenda. they do not believe in the kind of economic takeover that would be wrougt with this energy plan. they don't believe in that gover nance. yeah, they all ran good campaigns but a good campaign doesn't make up for a bad message. and democrats need to come and
9:21 pm
work with republicans, not the other way around if we want to have progress in washington. >> mary, with all due respect, i don't think the republicans should overinterpret the results. there is no evidence that the voters up there want to return to the past. they want the parties to come together to find jobs, restore our economy and to really bring this country back from the brink of a financial collapse. that's that whey want. >> larry: we'll bring john avalon right back into this. i got to get a break. don't go away. ♪
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>> larry: john avenalonvalon, d the nitty-gritty, is the president going to get a health care bill? >> that's the crystal ball we wish we could have. he has the sense to say that jamming through a bill is going to pom compound the problems they have. it will lead to a bigger back slash. if the unlikely way that house will vote for the senate bill, that will the least lousy of all the options. independents voted for barack obama because he promised to transcend all of old politics of left versus right and black
9:25 pm
versus white. independents and angry. and liberal house leadership did misread the election. but republicans shouldn't get too far ahead of themselves either. if you look at the conservativism out there. you look at the hire rows of it. sarah palin, rush limbaugh. independents don't like them. scott brown was able to win independents in a state that is 51% independent. that is what is happening. that's what republicans and democrats need to do to survive. the reality is independents are the largest gr and fasting growing party. >> as a liberal, i take personal offense. >> don't take personal offense. >> i take personal offense. when you see the speaker of the house and the leader standing up on for children's health insurance and helping americans
9:26 pm
with credit card debt and reducing the interest payments. that is not a liberal agenda. that is trying to help working people in the country. there is no sump -- >> i once but it's a liberal agenda. >> we have done a lousy job with messaging. agree with that. let's fight to bring people together, john. >> larry: david what is puzzlinging to an observer, everybody thinking we need health care reform. since everybody thinks that, bhi can't we get it? >> that's a good question. there was a time when republicans were closer to democrats in agrees what might be in it. richard nixon proposed a national health insurance plan that teddy -- he and teddy kennedy were work closely on.
9:27 pm
over on the last few years, there has been a real split. and the republicans very much want a private sector plan based on private choice and the private industry. and there is a sense that the democrats much prefer a system with the government heavily involved regulated or running it. and one of the dinks, president obama came down on the side of keeping the health insurance companies there. and he's been -- a lot of people are pulling to the left of his own party to have more government intervention. i think there is a fundamental split on it. >> larry: mary, how do you get those who can't afford it to get health care? >> the notion that you are for
9:28 pm
the status core, for no reform, it's one of the straw men that the democratings like to employ. they will come back to the table with a number of ways to reduce the cost of health care and health insurance, from pooling, small bases, and market based plans, tort reform. and all the things, they control the cost. this is not affording health care to everybody. by the way, everybody has access to health care today. that is a misgnoming. but republican proposal is that there be universal care and they contribute to champing c.h.i.p. where status quo fx a bogeyman that people are not listening to in any of the races run in the
9:29 pm
l.a. year. >> but the health insurance bill passed under pelosi and reid's leadership. >> larry: we will now go live to haiti and the still-devastating conditions there. we'll be right back. it has the agility and the power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo, because every great action hero needs a vehicle. see your lexus dealer. ♪ should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with new wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway (announcer) wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer upbeat rock ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪
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fund-raising efforts continue on behalf of the people of haiti. we are helping to auction off the michael jackson opus on our website. last i liked it was up to $19,000. let's go to port-au-prince. dr. sanjay gupta. a lot of focus on aid from outside haiti. i understand you have reported about a hospital being operated by a pair of haitian twins. what's that all about? >> there is an assumption that most of the aid is coming from outside. but a lot of the haitian doctors who were there beforehand, they stayed. they stayed open for business as soon as the earthquake ended. this particular practice is run by two brothers, two twins, well
9:33 pm
trained. they trained in france and came back and decided to practice in port-au-prince. and three days after the earth wak quake, and started taking care of patients. i saw them driving around the streets when i got here. they were in their vehicle, picks up pakts off the street, and brings them back to their clinic. the aid is starting to slowly come in. they were adamant with me. it's eight days and we need to get up and full capacity. and it's not there. remarkable guys doing a lot. the community. >> larry: are more people better cared for day to day? >> absolutely. no question. as mump as we talk about how desperate the situation is down hire, we would be remiss not to acknowledge it's get egg better.
9:34 pm
that is a relative tomorrow. in part to where haiti started. 80% of people living in poverty relates to everything. hospitaled weren't that good so start with. not enough supply sploois. that is just a haiti problem. when you add more patients and fewer hospitals, it gets worse windchill but it is better. you are starting to see some optimism among the doctors and time to talk to them and get back into it again. >> larry: the amazing dr. sanjay gupta. back to port-au-prince and gary tuchman. he covered a heart breaks story. elderly patients at a nursing home. how heartbreaking? >> reporter: you talked to sanjay about how things have relatively have improved. at the nurses home, it's not
9:35 pm
improved. it was a nursing home partially destroyed by the earthquake. 75 survived. no food no water, no medicine. one doctor for all 74 people. a haitian doctor who just showeded up and all he has is aspirin, dandages and a blood pressure gauge. some people have no clothes on and nothing to eat, nothing to drink. it's a desperate situation. and there are no plans for the fump. the director doesn't know what he is going to do with the people. >> larry: why can't they get toad food to them? >> what they are getting, some people are getting samples of the food. basically, they asked us, please, cnn go on larry king and tell us that the port-au-prince
9:36 pm
municipal nursing home needs food and water. and a british aid working came back and said she is going to get some supplies by late tonight. we hope that is the case. >> larry: the u.n. estimates 3 million people are in need of food, water, and medical assistance. do you see anything gets better? >> as sanjay was saying, things have got an little bit better. it's a relative term. thousands of people living in the park for eight nights. i don't that have bathrooms and showers and little food. there is still a lot of hung interthirty people. people come up and ask us for food and water and we can't bring boxes be boxes and give it to everybody.
9:37 pm
>> we have a survive story right ach the break. host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. m bob:'night. elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody, grandpa: g'night everybody. @y jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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remember that incredible story we showed you yesterday of that lady being carried out of the rubble after buried alive. there she is at the community center in boca. there she is. and with her, her sons.
9:40 pm
mimi, how you are feeling? >> i'm feeling better. i'm getting better now. i'm feeling okay now. >> larry: what kept you going for five days under rubble? >> what wept me doing? i can tell you, i can tell thaw in one word. that was the lord jesus krooirs. i had no doubt he would save me. the minute i saw myself buried, i knew my lord jesus christ would take me out of there and i started praying from then. >> larry: ricky d you think you lost your mother? >> no, we never. five days was quite awhile but
9:41 pm
we never lost hope. we had to keep going, heaping and praying that she would be all right. >> larry: the three men who got her out with us. they are in port-au-prince. joseph fernandez, the lead ore of the search and rescue task force team. mark grossman, and eric fickus, from pembroke pines, florida. the town where mimi is from. joseph, how do you explain this? how did she? >> i think by the grace of god, as mimi said, and help from us. i saw her first come out after hours of guiding the operations and all these guys in the hole with her, and she started reciting all her information
9:42 pm
down to her driver's license number. and we had a lot of the pauses there between ricky and a, i and i said, is this a family member of mimi? and he said yes. i said, your mother is fine. and then there was huge pause. and the exclamation from ricky and my heart sank for a second there. >> larry: you have every right to feel great. dr. grossman, what medical treatment was immediately applied to mimi? >> really just trying to get her out of the hole. she was stuck in the hole obviously for five days. and even once she got out of the hole, the area was contaminated.
9:43 pm
we had been digs, and dust and food rothing and things going on. just to get her out of the area. but really, she was awake and talking and relatively stable. just dehydration and reassurance. and again, remarkably, she didn't need that much intervention. he was intact. didn't have broken bones or anything obvious. >> larry: eric, how do you explain it? >> well, the minute i touched mimi and when i finally made a contact with her, i knew she would be safe. and i decided to do at that point, just been there by myself, and another member from new york task force, tom, he was just in the hole with me. but he was farther away, closer
9:44 pm
to the opening that we made. i knew she could be safe. my only concern was that there was a really small, narrow space to get her through. which we were successful and it went very well. >> larry: mimi, what would you like to say to these three men? >> i would like to say that they were awesome. and i thank them so much for all the work, the all the effort they have given to take me out of there. it was a lot of work. it took hours. i cannot tell how many hours. but these men are awesome. i want to thank the rescue team of turkey, the one from new york, and the one from -- and the one from south florida.
9:45 pm
i want to thank them all. they worked as a team and they did what they had to do and they helped me and i am really thampgful. want to also say that -- >> larry: you sound strong. go ahead. >> thank you. and i want to say these men were sent my by lord jesus christ. >> larry: thank you. we have been auctions off my suspenders this week. the ones i wore tonight was bought out by a corporate donor paying $25,000. they are challenging others to ante up the money. go to our website, king. keep bidding. ai got a lot of suspenders.
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call now-- and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business-- the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >> larry: president and mrs. obama are a donating $15,000 for recovery efforts for haiti. a spokesman says they were inspire bid the millions of americans who are contributed to the cause. joining us now in the miami airport is jill wilkins and her husband, they were in the process of adopting a haitian boy, and out the record were in
9:49 pm
the rubble. they managed to work it out. jill is the at airport. joe, are you going to bring samuel home? >> it looks that way, larry. everything is not final until the airplane gets off the ground. we hope that is soon. >> larry: e understand you are bringing back other orphans as well-being adopted? >> that is the case. again f the flight gets off the grown, it looks like the babies that are adopted in the united states will be heading home, hopefully very soon. >> larry: i understand the plane was donated by -- do you know who donated the plane that is going to take you back? >> jill might know that. >>ky talk to that. >> larry: who donated the plane? >> there is a couple really key
9:50 pm
happens today that is happening real time. that is one of them. we had a sponsorship for the charter flight and this actually this entire -- what we are calling a reunification mission on behalf of god's littlest angels and that was it is a nonprofit organization based out of colorado springs. it was an incredible, incredible day to have that sponsorship. >> larry: and now when do you expect joe to come in with your new little son? >> well, you know, larry, we are hoping that this is going to happen in the next couple of days. there are so many balls up in the air and things change every ten minutes, we have some new information. i think the biggest thing today that we have been working on is that, number one, we are just normal people. i'm just an adoptive parent and this has just turned into an incredible opportunity to make history. there is really not a lot of precedent here that we have to go off of, so we are trying to work with key, influential and people -- organizations and
9:51 pm
lawyers to figure out how we are going to process the kids, and samuel being one of them. we are really struggling. we are meeting right now in fact, i had to step away from that meeting. >> larry: we are going to devote a lot more time to this tomorrow night, we hope by then he is home. if not, we will get details. we are cramped for time tonight. jill, i hope you stay at the airport. joe, i hope you are there tomorrow morning. >> yeah i hope you have a good day tomorrow. >> larry: we will be right back. you know why i sell tools?
9:52 pm
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>> larry: we now welcome to "larry king live," enrique iglesias, he is in miami, the grammy-award-winning recording artist and with us is the lead singer of the two-time rock band linkin park. major foist forces in the music business are generating fund for the haitian efforts it is called down low to donate for haiti. did you come up with this, mike? >> the name i was a part of. the -- actual for the piece came from the band and our organization, music for relief.
9:55 pm
enrique, how did you get involved? >> mike and his band, linkin park, we are both managed by the same management company and they asked me to do. this you know, i grew up in miami. and as you know, miami has a huge haitian population, many of my friends growing up are -- were haitians. and they have been very effective with what is going on in haiti. a lot of them have lost family members in haiti. so i was -- i was -- i was right on. i was ready to do it. and i had some music that i wanted to give to music for relief that nobody's heard yet. >> so how does it work, mike? what happened? >> well, we are at a really special point in time, as far as a project like this goes. i don't think, i mean, a few years ago, wouldn't have been able to turn around a song in the matter of days the way it's happened now you wouldn't have the social -- the online communities that we've got now. you wouldn't have had facebook and twitter and all these great -- >> larry: what do people do? >> what happened on our end, we got a song, reached out to
9:56 pm
artists, got exclusive songs, brand new songs nobody has heard of, some cases, like our case, we wrote a song specifically for this cause, a song called "not alone." now, fans can basically go to or anywhere where their friends' site might have our widget on it. a a lot of people are embedding them on the base face book pages. you can click it, have the music for free, you can donate to the cause and the money goes 100% of the money goes straight to the haitian -- >> you donated a song, enrique, is that the way it works? >> that is the way it works. as you know, great artists like alanis morrisette, dave matthews band, all american rejects and songs nobody, none of the fans have heard before, previously have not been unreleased -- they have been released. it is cool for the fans and donate whatever amount they want. >> larry: wow, so you tell them i want to donate $10, you get the music? >> we didn't want to tell them -- some people can donate
9:57 pm
$100. that's great. please do some people done have that money to donate but the way that they can participate is actually grabbing the widget that -- the little window into this project and putting it on their facebook page or putting it on their blog or whatever you got. lart simplest way to do it for the viewer now to do what? >> go to >> larry: >> you can listen to the songs, download for free and donate. >> larry: all you got to do is go to and check it all out. one of the artists taking part in download to donate for haiti is grammy-award-winning artist and philanthropist peter gabriel, donating his cover of a classic david bowie song "hero." here is peter gabriel with heroes and more powerful, painful images from haiti.
9:58 pm
♪ i ♪ i, i will be king and you, you will be queen ♪ ♪ though nothing would drive us away we will be heroes for just one day ♪ ♪ we could be heroes just for one day ♪ ♪ i, i can remember standing,
9:59 pm
standing by the wall ♪ ♪ and the guns shot above our heads ♪ ♪ and we kissed as though nothing could fall ♪ ♪ and the shame, the shame was on the other side ♪ ♪ oh, we can beat them, for ever and ever ♪ ♪ and we c


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